I must confess to waking feeling a little apprehensive this morning.  Yesterday wasn’t the best of days and I feared that the parcel saga may continue.  Actually, I needn’t have worried as upon checking the tracking the parcel was out for delivery.  Quite what all the ‘delayed’ malarkey was all about, goodness only knows. 

Must move on.

Our day started as per usual with the animal chores.  The chickens, ducks and goat all need feeding, watering and letting out of their nightly abodes.  It was a beautiful day, the sun shining and blue skies – and the many birds were keeping me company with their beautiful chirruping songs as I worked.

Horrifically it was noted that one of our cats had found a fledgling and it was still alive in her mouth.  We have 5 cats, and none are particularly interested in chasing the birds, instead preferring to seek out rodents, but if one is stumbled upon with ease or comes close enough to get a second glance – well, I’m afraid the catch-anything-that-moves instinct does kick in. 

Smudge sought cover under the car and we had quite the struggle to get her out again – but we did, much to Smudge’s disgust, and she released the poor bird still alive and with no sign of any broken skin or injury, although rather stunned.  We popped it into a small box and placed it in a quiet dark area to recuperate, actually not holding out much hope for survival.  Checking a few hours later, the baby wasn’t moving much but was still alive so we crumbled up a little bit of the fat balls we have out, and added in a jar lid of water – hoping for the best – before placing it back in the quiet spot.

As the light was fading very slightly, we checked again and happily found a much more brighter and respondent little thing.  We fashioned a makeshift nest from a plastic bowl and hay, and wedged it in the tree near to where we guessed it had been found, with the little birdie chirping.  A few short minutes later we could hear the flurry of tiny wings to-ing and froing within the leaves and it seems that baby had been found by its parents – what a joyful end! 

Sadly I didn’t capture any photographs of the little one for fear of stressing it out further.  I wanted to handle it as little as possible and feared its escape if I did too much dilly dallying.

In between all of this, there were lots of things going on including reading, laptop work, drawing, cutting and sticking random stuff, role play game playing, Minecrafting, play dough food making, the list goes on and on – there was a definite busy vibe in the household.  I was able to get on with a few peg doll orders, including this brave knight.

We went for another lovely evening walk again which was utterly gorgeous and a lovely end to the day.  Just look at these smiles!  The first is a picture that captured the moment when we all moved to one side to let a car pass us and then heard a little voice saying ‘Oh, I’m in the hedge!’ turning around to see Taisia being enveloped….


Just joyful to see such happy faces. 

We admired the views, gasped at the floral beauty and colours, and even saw a ‘Bambi’ as the girls described – sadly too swift for my camera! 

Milo is loving his life right now – this weather is making such a difference to our outside time! 

I forgot to add that I had fabulous happy post today with a gorgeous Bee book arriving.  I’ll be adding a review of it over the weekend as it’s too nice not to share!