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We have been a home-educating family since 2003.  Be sure to read our story to know why our home-education journey began.


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Here in the UK, parents have the legal responsibility for ensuring that their children receive an effective education.  For many this means their child enters the school system, but an ever increasing number of parents are choosing not to delegate their child’s education in this way and going down the home-education path instead.


An education is compulsory – school is not.

You do not need to be a teacher, or have any formal qualifications in order to be able to home-educate.   You do not need to have a knowledge of every topic or subject, but knowing how to seek out information and a willingness to learn yourself is useful.  

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Loving their “School”

Long time followers of our home-education journey will know that we are definitely a go with the flow kind of family.  We surround ourselves with books and have many learning resources on hand.   We are very much a learn through life experiences family rather than...

Butterfly Raising 2019

Way back in 2009 we had our first raising butterflies experience for a home-education project.  Since then it has been an annual event, and in recent years we have raised two lots, one in Spring and one Summer.  It is a wonderful learning experience, and children (and...

Family Weekend

We had planned on making the most of the weekend and getting out and about - but goodness, we decided against that plan when the weather decided it should melt us all.  Oh boy, hasn't it been hot?  I am not complaining, not one little bit.  I'm thankful that it is dry...

Lydford Gorge – Devon

Boasting to be the deepest gorge in the South-West, Lydford Gorge truly has the wow factor.  With the grey slate paths and twisting trails taking you up high and down low, the area is definitely one for the outstanding natural beauty awards list.  It really...

Planting, Baking and Friends

Yesterday seemed to vanish swiftly in the blink of an eye.  It seemed as if we had the whole day ahead of us one moment, and it was 9pm the next.  I am not really sure what happened - I just know I didn't seem to sit down for very long! We set up electricity...

Another Day Done

I must confess to waking feeling a little apprehensive this morning.  Yesterday wasn't the best of days and I feared that the parcel saga may continue.  Actually, I needn't have worried as upon checking the tracking the parcel was out for delivery.  Quite what all the...

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