Yesterday seemed to vanish swiftly in the blink of an eye.  It seemed as if we had the whole day ahead of us one moment, and it was 9pm the next.  I am not really sure what happened – I just know I didn’t seem to sit down for very long!

We set up electricity circuits…

Planted out a few plug plants, cleaned a lot and started reading our newest family chapter book –  ‘The Enchanted Wood’.  Just the two chapters today to get us started, but oh the joyful childhood memories flooded back as I was reading out loud.  Both Amara and Taisia listened intently.  I really hope that they lose themselves within it as I did as a child.  I had a serious Enid Blyton obsession back then, and remember many a happy day spent reading about the Naughtiest Girl, Mr Galliano’s Circus, and the Faraway Tree crew.  

Onto today and the weather has been beautiful – the bluest of skies and lots of the yellow stuff.  We stayed inside during the hottest of times, but ventured out later in the day to clean up our planting area and admire that things are actually growing! 

We had a few garden friends as we worked, including my gorgeous old man Harry – the grand-daddy of our feline bunch.   He has slowed down greatly with age, but is still an active hunter of rodents.  He gave up on trying to catch the flying things years ago.  

One of our sweet little Robin pals kept fluttering down to see if we had unearthed anything for him…

Whilst this little chap was rather disgruntled that he had been disturbed – and yes, I did apologise. 

Once we had headed back indoors and recovered with a cuppa or two, we decided to do a bit of baking.  What would be the best to make on a hot June afternoon?  Mince Pies of course!  The girls measured out the ingredients – doubling, then tripling the ingredients to gain the required quantity of pies.

They then counted in 12’s to decide that we needed to grease four trays, before preparing the work surface for rolling.

Our evening was of course then spent munching on the baked goodies and bedding down the animals for the night.  I also started to look into language resources as Amara wants to learn Spanish, continued to collate bee unit ideas, and plan a few ideas for learning opportunities next week.