The day started with the heartbreaking news of the passing of a relative.  It certainly made me take a step back and stumble, and my head was very much filled with sad thoughts and feelings.  

The day didn’t improve when I checked the tracking details of an important parcel I sent to find it showing as ‘delayed’.  There was a message on the tracking service suggesting the sender was contacted for more information – only I was the sender and I didn’t know nowt!  Much of the day was then spent trying to chase up the parcel with the courier service.  The package contained a Bride and Groom peg doll set that I had painted as a rush order on Sunday.  The couple had been let down by another peg doll painter and were left without a cake topper.  With the wedding being held on Saturday, and the dolls needed in Belfast, we didn’t have a lot of time to play with, but I really wanted to help them out.  I worked really hard to get the dolls painted and ready for courier collection yesterday, paid extra postage to try to ensure a stress free service, and was ever so relieved when the parcel was collected from my home and the account showed that it was due to be delivered on Thursday.  Then bam – I felt like the stuffing had really been belted out of me when I saw that delayed message at 9am. 

Much of my day has been spent trying to source a phone number where an actual human being could be spoken to, filling in the contact form on the website over and over because you can’t directly reply to the email responses due to it being from a ‘no reply’ email address (WHY?!), contacting the company through their Twitter and Facebook messages as directed on the contact page of the website, and finally managing to speak to someone via the online chat facility.   This of course was in between trying to reassure the groom to be that I was trying to sort it out.  

Goodness – how not to run your customer service department for sure!  After describing the packaging (white bubble envelope with a bright coloured in rainbow and unicorn on the front of it, quite memorable I would suggest), and two hours of waiting since the online chat, an email was received stating that the parcel has been located and is now due to be delivered on the 21st – the day before the wedding (gulp).  Sadly the tracking is not yet showing this development and the user is still being told about a delay and to contact the sender…


A phone call at midday confirmed that Lee (dear husband) was also not having a great day – so we had a right old moan to each other.  So thankful that I have someone that will listen and ‘gets’ my stresses – and likewise for him I would imagine.  Oh, and I forgot to add in the little gem of finding out that yet again there was some sort of early hours prowler / passer through-er right outside our window, found out about thanks to to two open gates and a great big muddy footprint. 

My stress levels were truly through the roof!

Whilst all of this was going on, the children pretty much entertained themselves.  The younger ones drew pictures and made up story characters, whilst the older ones went onto the internet to research various interests.  Tiegan is very much into Celtic history at the moment, and is often found looking at various customs, recipes, and clothing designs.  A little later they all got together and decided to set up shared Minecraft world.  A leader had to be elected and it was really interesting to listen in on the process.  It seems a great deal has been picked up from various political debates of late, and the wannabe leaders each gave a speech as to why they should be leader and what they would offer.  There was then a Q & A session where each one was grilled.  

Listening in on this lifted my mood somewhat and I thought a bit of fresh air and exercise would raise it even further.  It was a really gorgeous sunny evening, with a gentle breeze – perfect for a country lane stroll, and lovely to be accompanied by Tiegan, Callum, Taisia and Amara (and Milo the dog!)  

Devon Life

We really loved all the beautiful flora and fauna we spotted.  Lots of buzzing bees and butterflies.

Before we wandered back down the hill and towards home again.

Once home we relaxed to watch the World Cup football, before heading out as the light was fading to bed the animals down for the night.  Hetty Goat decided to have a wander around the field and not come to call this evening (I am positive her behaviour relates to the moon cycle!), instead choosing to just wander around aimlessly.  I was thankful that the chickens and ducks were far more cooperative.

Just as we were heading in for the night we stumbled across this little fella exploring our garden pathway.  We decided that as our cats were prowling the vicinity we should relocate him to a safer space which he allowed us to do with ease.  He was a very chilled out chap. 

Now, I wonder what tomorrow will bring…