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Our Story

What led our family to take the home-education path?


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Our Daily Diary

Lydford Gorge – Devon

Boasting to be the deepest gorge in the South-West, Lydford Gorge truly has the wow factor.  With the grey slate paths and twisting trails taking you up high and down…

Another Day Done

I must confess to waking feeling a little apprehensive this morning.  Yesterday wasn’t the best of days and I feared that the parcel saga may continue.  Actually, I needn’t have…

What a Day!

The day started with the heartbreaking news of the passing of a relative.  It certainly made me take a step back and stumble, and my head was very much filled…

A Dartmoor Trek

Blog followers will know that I adore Dartmoor.  It fills me with peace, tranquillity and ease when I visit, and although I don’t know it as well as I wish…

Devon County Show

We decided it was about time that we took the children to experience the delight that is the Devon County Show this year.  I used to go quite often growing…

Why home-education?

Families choose to home-educate for many reasons.  Sometimes it is almost a forced decision due to issues experienced at school such as bullying.  Sometimes families choose to home-educate just because – for no apparent reason, other than it is an option open to them and it suits their family unit.

Personal Choice
Disillusioned with the School System
Special Educational Needs Not Being Met

YES, Home-Educators can...

  • Take exams.
  • Gain social skills.
  • Learn Independence.
  • Go to University.

No, Home-Educators don't...

  • Have to follow a curriculum.
  • Work to a structured timetable.
  • Have to be a qualified teacher to facilitate learning.
  • Have set term times or study hours.

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