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A Snow Day

Lee had to take the day off work today as the lanes here were blocked, making access in or out impossible, yay for an extra family day! 

The morning animal chores are always fun on ever so chilly mornings.  Knowing there is a risk of outside pipes freezing and garden taps ceasing to work, I fill water buckets and duck baths the night before to save any lack of water drama.  Of course this does mean that there is usually ice in the said water receptacles which needs sorting, but I find a clean hoe is a wonderfully useful tool! 

Once our animals were sorted with extra bedding and foraging food, we headed inside for a much needed warm up, before deciding what to do for the day.  Obviously we couldn’t go anywhere in the car, but we could attempt a walk, so once again we armed Milo with his Weatherbeta coat, wrapped ourselves up, and headed out.    

Ordinarily I’m not a huge fan of snow.  I love looking at it from the inside of a lovely cosy home, but being out and about in it is something that doesn’t usually appeal – but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed today’s wander.  So did the girls, although I’m not so sure the sheep approved of the carpet covering their green munch stuff…

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