This weekend has been a bit of a wash-out in all fairness, and not just because of the awful weather.  I have been struck with migraines again recently, something that has plagued me on and off since my school attending days.  When hit, I suffer painful headaches, visual disturbances that include dots and spots and a water drop like visual, physical sickness, dizziness, lack of coherent thoughts, difficulty with co-ordination, and tiredness.   It isn’t at all pleasant, and not very conducive to energetic living with animals and children. 

So this weekend has mainly been viewed from the horizontal sofa position. 

BUT, I have managed to do a bit of planning ahead for our home-ed week. 

We don’t have a timetable.  We don’t stick to a routine as such.  But I do like to jot down a list of ideas.  This way if the children are absorbed in something by themselves – often drawing, jigsaw puzzles, reading, crafts or painting, etc, then they can be left to enjoy their time, but if we are at a loose end then we can pull out the ideas list.  Towards the end of the week I can see what we have and haven’t done and decide on action as necessary.    I find this works for us and stops the ‘Oh what shall we do…?’ moments which seem to last for longer than necessary often wasting a large portion of the day.  Rather like our meal planning routine – we used to be a grab a load of food in each week / month and go from there kinda family, but I got so fed up of the seemingly nightly discussion and lengthy decision making task that we started to plan 7 meals a week and buy ingredients needed.  Although we don’t attempt to give a day to each meal, choosing instead to wait to see what we feel like eating each evening / our time allowance / our appetites, the meal planning has eliminated much of ‘What shall we have for dinner?’ groans. 

I have also been putting together a 2019 to-do list of sort, projects to start, places to visit, things to plant, create, or do.  I am a definite lover of lists, can you tell?  And I’m afraid still with pen and paper – I don’t think my stationery obsession is ready to dwindle just yet. 

We did manage an evening walk with the dog just as darkness was falling – just up to the top of the hill and back – my poor head was in no fit state for venturing further.  We did stop to admire the snowdrops, and were thrilled to see the daffodils beginning to bud along the verges – Spring must be on the way!