We have been weather watching today. 

With the promise of snow by the afternoon, the children were constantly looking to the skies in anxious anticipation.  I was also looking to the skies – but that was to keep on eye on the weather to ensure Lee could return home safely – he was working 3 hours away today and living where we do, we are well aware of the possible hazard of being cut off by any sort of snow and ice. 

Much to the children’s delight, the white stuff started to fall and squeals of absolute joy could be heard echoing throughout the home.  I sat with fingers crossed that enough would land for a good play about.  I was certain there would be great disappointment without.  Lee returned home safely and I could relax knowing everyone was together again.   

Mother Nature gave us a great display of rather blizzard like conditions, and the children made sure that we didn’t miss a single moment of the crazy dancing flurry.  Cries of “Look, LOOK!” filled our ears, and great smiles were seen as the outside paths began to be clothed in beautiful white blankets.  

We went out to complete the animal chores a little earlier than usual.  The chickens had already taken themselves off to roost for the night, and the ducks were more than happy to get their webs out of the cold white stuff.  The dear quacks had been sheltering under the trampoline, not really sure what to make of the falling flakes. 

As we were busying ourselves with filling up fresh water buckets and bedding down the crew, I confessed to having an urge to go for a night walk after dinner.  Don’t ask me why.  It was cold, wet due to the blizzard-like weather, and would be pitch black dark for sure – but I really wanted to go for a country lane stroll.

So we did. 

We dressed Milo (our dog) in his waterproof weatherbeta coat, all wrapped up with hats, gloves, and warm jackets, and set off.

It was wonderful.  Such a lovely family memory time.  The younger girls chattered merrily as we walked – at times slipping and sliding a little as the temperature dropped and ice began to form.  Milo acted as if he was a search and rescue dog, burying his nose deep in the snow, occasionally digging a scent, and bouncing around with his tail high.  I was so happy that we took the plunge and walked out – although I’m sure the neighbours through we were completely and utterly barmy!