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We have been a home-educating family since 2003.  Be sure to read our story to know why our home-education journey began.


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Here in the UK, parents have the legal responsibility for ensuring that their children receive an effective education.  For many this means their child enters the school system, but an ever increasing number of parents are choosing not to delegate their child’s education in this way and going down the home-education path instead.


An education is compulsory – school is not.

You do not need to be a teacher, or have any formal qualifications in order to be able to home-educate.   You do not need to have a knowledge of every topic or subject, but knowing how to seek out information and a willingness to learn yourself is useful.  

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What a Day!

The day started with the heartbreaking news of the passing of a relative.  It certainly made me take a step back and stumble, and my head was very much filled with sad thoughts and feelings.   The day didn't improve when I checked the tracking details of an important...

A Dartmoor Trek

Blog followers will know that I adore Dartmoor.  It fills me with peace, tranquillity and ease when I visit, and although I don't know it as well as I wish I did, I feel right at home there.  Today we decided to seek out the much talked about and visited Wistman's...

Devon County Show

We decided it was about time that we took the children to experience the delight that is the Devon County Show this year.  I used to go quite often growing up - often involved in the horse show side of things, where I would tag along as a helper-hanger-on-er with...

Easter 2019

I love that we have the space here to really make a treasure hunt a hunt!  The Easter bunny excelled himself this year with lots of fabulous goodies, including books, jigsaw puzzles and large bubble makers, the girls thought it was awesome! In the afternoon they went...

Bluebell Paradise

Today we decided to check out a local patch of woodland that we have passed many times, often saying we need to visit, but never yet gotten around to doing so.  Until today.  Stoke Wood is just on the outskirts of Exeter city centre.  We had no idea what it would be...

Canal Walk

Making the most of the dry days, we headed off for a short drive down to The Grand Western Canal, in Tiverton.  We fed the ducks, admired the landscape, and chatted.   Fresh air is such a great feel-good medicine isn't it?  Photographs courtesy of...

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