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We have been a home-educating family since 2003.  Be sure to read our story to know why our home-education journey began.


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Here in the UK, parents have the legal responsibility for ensuring that their children receive an effective education.  For many this means their child enters the school system, but an ever increasing number of parents are choosing not to delegate their child’s education in this way and going down the home-education path instead.


An education is compulsory – school is not.

You do not need to be a teacher, or have any formal qualifications in order to be able to home-educate.   You do not need to have a knowledge of every topic or subject, but knowing how to seek out information and a willingness to learn yourself is useful.  

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All in a Day

We have had a lovely day here in Devon.  Lots of time outside with the animals.  Colin the cockerel looking proud of himself as he awaits the food bowl refilling ceremony and calls upon his ladies to feast... We took a leisurely stroll down the lane, hound...

Is it over?

This weekend has been a bit of a wash-out in all fairness, and not just because of the awful weather.  I have been struck with migraines again recently, something that has plagued me on and off since my school attending days…


We are a huge fan of nature watching here.  Whether it’s wildlife programs on the TV (the Spring Watch / Winter Watch /Autumn Watch episodes are a particularly favourite, along with David Attenborough shows, and anything hosted by Chris Packham),  or better still, capturing nature’s magic whilst out and about, I don’t think our enthusiasm will ever wane…

But bullying toughens them up.

So often I get told that “children needed to go to school to toughen them up, so they learn that life isn’t all rosy.”

I’ve heard this said what seems like a million times since I’ve been home-educating.  It ranks pretty highly along with the lack of socialisation and the mums can’t teach everything concerns,  as what to expect in a conversation with somebody that doesn’t understand home-ed…

But how do you know they are learning?

One thing I always get asked as a home-educator is just how do I know that my children are learning if we don’t sit tests or exams?   How can I possibly know if they are improving if I don’t regularly enforce written work or follow reading schemes? 

I can’t help but smile as I give my answer…

My Thoughts

Looking around social media, it appears that once again home-educators are being forced to defend themselves, to speak up, to put forward a case and answer the the critics.

Back in 2010, we (as in home-educating families), were put under the spotlight.  Accusations of hidden child abuse and poor education standards were been thrown at us from all angles…

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